About Rheem API

Rheem understands that in todays world, exposing our product data to you is a high priority.
The API allows seamless integration into your business.

Increases Sales

Offer full integration across platforms as a major selling-point to your customers.

Easy To Integrate

Build data integration into your app in days using Rheem's documentation and code samples.

Saves Time and Money

Reduce support costs and development time by eliminating CSV parsing, data update logic and FTP scripts.

Delight Your Customers

Simplify support and management of Rheem applications, creating better experiences for distributors, contractors and developers.

  • Mobile

    Create mobile specification applications that deliver product specification, anywhere, anytime.

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  • Website

    Create eCommerce websites that incorporate water heating or HVAC product information updated in real time.

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  • Internet
    of things

    Create custom applications that provide control to EcoNet enabled water heating and HVAC products.

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Who's already using it:

Idea Tree
Young Supply Co.
ABR Wholesalers, INC.